Our Story


Here at Macqueza, we want to be more than a just a makeup retail brand--we want to offer a center for you to fully indulge in your beauty cravings and needs. Whether a beginner or professional makeup guru.



As avid users of cosmetic products ourselves, we strongly believe in the notion of "beauty from within": That is why you might observe that all the products we carry feature one common key trait--being kind to your skin. Regardless of your style and preferences, we are confident in our ability to recommend product that will transform your cosmetic issues and worries into a smooth-sailing road and allow you to achieve your own unique beauty to the maximum--from the inside!



Just as our skin is beautiful, and deserves to be treated right--so is the world we live in;
Macqueza is dedicated in contributing to the sustainability movement reflecting this value, and as such strongly prioritise partnering with brands who share aligning views, whether it may be makeup, cosmetics or even body care products.
We are proud to share that the natural formulas of these products that has been approved by our team beforehand will not only embrace your skin in a gentle and healthy process, but will offer the same care to our environment--and allow it to become more beautiful as well. everyone deserves to enjoy the beauty of cosmetics and pamper themselves!