Maintain that Perfect Pregnancy Glow with these Skincare Tips

Pregnancy encompasses one of the beautiful miracles of life, inviting an immeasurable amount of joy for the waiting family in question. However, while this stage in life can be a fascinating time, it is important for mothers to keep in mind they should not neglect taking care of themselves and their changing bodies.

To cope with these new circumstances, professionals have recommended the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle in which the pampering needs of these mothers are met, so we’d like to offer a hand in perfecting this routine, in the skincare department–curated to be completely safe and encourage that pregnancy glow, of course!

1. Brighten your health, not just your skin

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With the inevitable shifts in hormonal levels and new tendencies prompted by the circumstance of literally carrying around another life, this change will affect your usual skincare routine. However, this does not mean that there are no other options to consult;

No retinol–you’ve probably seen or heard this phrase somewhere in your quest to understand what products you must avoid during this delicate period. Unfortunately, this ingredient is rather well-known for slowing signs of ageing and treating uneven texture, meaning most of your brightening and anti-ageing products might have to be set aside for a hot minute. However, we might–no, definitely have the solution for you.

Did you know that vitamin C actually carries one of the most formidable abilities as a skin-brightening agent? And, yes–it’s very much pregnancy-proofed for our fellow mothers to use, while also assisting in reducing hyperpigmentation, an issue that can be observed during pregnancy. As such, with products adopting such healthier choices as a core ingredient in their formula such as The perfect glow serum from Joone, new mothers and pregnant women are no longer hindered from indulging their desired skincare routine.

2. Dry out your problems

Joone skincare brand, product recommendation for daily skincare routine, moisturising face cream for healthy supple smooth skin

During pregnancy, it is rather common for the skin to be robbed of its natural oil and elasticity, leading to the inevitable outcome of dry and flaky skin. However, this is not to say there are no remedies to treating this condition, so don’t worry! You’ll still be able to attain that healthy pregnancy glow by taking some simple measures.

There might be a number of reasons that can be attributed to excessively dry or itchy skin, from physical changes experienced in body shape, or swelling caused by water retention–nevertheless, this generally alludes to the denotation that you are dehydrated.

To combat this, it is first imperative to remove any products containing chemical elements from your daily routine. Instead, natural alternatives within your hydrating products such as sunflower seeds or cranberry extract might be more attractive to consider, with their ability to treat the irritation within your complexion whilst simultaneously serving to nourish your skin barrier and quality by providing benefits such as preventing premature ageing, offering sun protection and achieve glowy skin by eliminating the appearance of visible blemishes. It would also prove helpful to ensure the water temperature of your bath time is avoidant of any extreme temperature conditions, and a gentle, refreshing fabric that will not further aggravate your skin texture is used. 

And, always remember to moisturise–with The Perfect Moisturising Face Cream from Joone, with a hypoallergenic and organic recipe perfectly tailored for women to be applied from the beginning of their pregnancy journey, and even during breastfeeding. 

3. Bail out on that breakout

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First off, we’d like to assert that acne is completely and absolutely natural during this period of time, and can be more common than you think, being anticipated in 50% of pregnant women. Still, while managing a breakout on top of a pregnancy can be tricky, there are effective drug-free home treatments to try out:

Firstly, while we know it’s tempting to simply associate the cause of acne to your cleansing routine, we have to offer the reminder that over-cleansing can prove to be just as detrimental to your skin condition. Washing your face too frequently may instead result in overstimulating the skin’s oil glands and damaging your natural lipid barrier, especially when heavier products are used. As such, it is important to note that a limit of 2 times per day for your cleansing routine is sufficient, and should be practised after excessive sweating.

Employing the use of a light and natural cleanser free from any alcohol or oil agents could also reduce irritation to the skin, while still permitting a thorough cleanse of the pores, making it particularly ideal for acne-prone or oily skin types. If you’re unsure where to begin, The Perfect Gel-to-milk Face Cleanser is one such example of a very strong contender; due to its incorporation of brown seaweed fucus, this product is also able to serve multiple purposes as a cleanser that is able to help with skin hydration.

And, although we more than empathise with the heightened urge to squeeze or pop that annoyingly vigilant pimple, do try to keep your hands away.

4. Keep calm and keep skincaring

Joone skincare brand, product recommendation for daily skincare routine, complete product line

Last, but certainly no least: care for your skin should never be neglected, especially during pregnancy, when your skin is working overtime to accommodate and sustain the complicated changes your body is undergoing.

This in turn means that more nourishment might be needed to fuel these new physical and emotional experiences for all parts of your body, including the skin.

That being said, this does not simply translate to the addition of more products into your routine; as they say: quality over quantity. By prioritising a formula that is right for your skin and specifically attentive to its unique condition, you might be able to reduce your skincare routine, while reaping even more benefits than before to create a glowing complexion.

One such brand allowing such an ideal to become reality would be our favourite skincare brand for pregnant and expecting women–can you guess what it is?

Thanks to Joone’s consulted community of mums and mums-to-be, the brand’s products have been able to achieve optimal customisation towards satisfying the demanding skin of pregnant women, breastfeeding women and mothers. As such, its natural ingredient formulas and components have also been designed to complement each other, and thus accomplish maximum efficiency and effectiveness when utilised together.




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