Teeth Whitening Pen Brush: Worth It or Not?

It is quite evident from a simple glance through your social media pages that more and more people are becoming occupied with the way their teeth look–after all, who doesn’t want pearly whites of their own? 

This has led to a surge in demand for teeth whitening products that are able to accomplish results brushing your teeth with good old-fashioned toothpaste just can’t, allowing everyone the ability to smile more brightly inside out, regardless of their inherent teeth colour–and all through a quick and painless solution.
Or solutions.
However, today we will be shedding light on just one particular product amongst all the whitening treatments that have been invented–have you heard of a teeth whitening pen brush?


We know what you might be thinking: a what? Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

To connect this to a more familiar concept, think Whitening Toothpaste – except it’s smaller, more travel-friendly, and generally a lot more convenient. 

These slim, plastic items that could easily be mistaken for chapstick or a ink pen might not appear as much upon first glance–but in the never-ending search for a whiter smile, this product is not one to be overlooked.

Alike their appointed name, these ‘pen brushes’ usually feature a pen-like appearance, with a gentle brush attached at the tip to layer your teeth with a coating of cleaning gel for the purpose of–well, whitening them, of course. 

The outcome of teeth stains have several causes, many of which are unfortunately rather prevalent in our everyday lives; this includes the consumption of coloured food or drink items, such as our beloved coffee, dark sodas and even a number of fruits and vegetables. Another obvious culprit would be tobacco, or poor dental hygiene practices such as inadequate brushing or flossing.

The use of teeth whitening pen brushes is able to solve these variants of tooth discolouration, and is usually most popular among those desiring of a last-minute touchup just before a significant occasion, and definitely proves to be a strong contender for the category of “Most Convenient” due to its fast-acting results that soon become visibly evident within a short frame of time. 


This leads us to ponder: do teeth whitening products work, and are they truly effective in the long-term, or even short term?

This definitely depends according to the specific type of product and their respective ingredients–but generally, teeth whitening pens are denoted to be more of an immediate solution as opposed to being prioritised as the primary treatment–a quick but temporary fix even on the go, that could additionally prevent the possibility of a mishap from drinking one coffee too many.

However, this fact should not take away from the effective application products of this nature undoubtedly possess. Employing the use of a reliable whitening pen brush of good quality also does contribute in the maintenance of a naturally white teeth set due to its skill in reducing stains from coloured food or drinks, especially when the ingredient list is inclusive of health-benefiting elements intended to strengthen and clean teeth. 


Now comes the real question: is this product for you, or should you turn elsewhere for other alternatives?

Firstly, the sensitivity of your teeth should be considered when contemplating this decision; a majority of choices under this bracket of teeth whitening treatments centre the magic of their formula around some form of chemical peroxide agents to effectively deliver such efficient promises of whiter teeth–which, although is considered safe to use, would definitely not be ideal for those who are able to empathise with the troubles of tooth sensitivity. As such, the aspects of an effective yet gentle recipe well-suited to your needs should be given equal precedence.

A viable alternative would be to source out brands with a better understanding and familiarity of improving oral health care rather than simply focusing on the aesthetic component, such as Smile Lab’s Signature Advanced Teeth Whitening Brush, who have risen to become one of the fastest-growing names in the oral cosmetics industry due to their unique and game-changing healthy formula devised by the hands of professional dermatologists. Furthermore, it features a light-weight size and shape that is easy to carry around anywhere and a speedy execution within 60 seconds. 

SIGNATURE advanced teeth whitening brush

Next, it is also good to consider the objectives and motivations you are looking to satisfy. Pen brushes would be ideal for those searching for affordability, availability or a more precise usage on specific areas that whitening strips just are not able to reach. On the other hand, for those hoping for a more productive and multifunctional treatment in the long run, it might be more fruitful to consult a longer and more extensive process such as teeth whitening strip treatments. The Smile Lab Signature Advanced Teeth Whitening Strip program, much like its name, has cemented itself as a signature product of the brand aligning with their values of achieving better teeth through natural and safe methods, through the short time frame of 14 days. By indulging your teeth through this care course in the comfort of your home, you are able to provide it with essential nourishments capable of healing your teeth condition from the enamel. 

But, if you’re still not sure…why not try both–together?

Both of these options each possess a different set of strengths and benefits, but pairing these two products together can actually prove effective in not only balancing each other’s effects out, but may also be able to enhance the very extent of their outcome. This begs the question: why not whiten your teeth, at home and on the go?

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