13 Useful Telegram groups That’ll Make Your Life Easier in 2021

Compiling a list of practical and awesome telegram public groups for each and everyone, skipping the hassle of searching from different websites on the internet. So, get ready to redirect yourself to every Telegram channel linked here and join them all!

With thousands of whatsapp users migrating over to Telegram, it has proven as a more reliable online messaging app in terms of privacy settings.

Telegram is an online messaging app that functions like whatsapp, facebook messenger that allows you to send cute stickers, voice recording and even video messages. Additionally, it has a thousand channels that you can follow to benefit you, so these are the few that I have compiled for you!


1. Beauty Insiders @macqueza

Look out for the latest tips and deals on cosmetics, keeping a flawless skin in 2021.

Join here.

2. Food Offers @sgfooddeals

Latest food deals and offers in singapore!

Join here.

3. Food Promotions @goodlobang

Find all the special discounts you can only get from @goodlobang.

Join here.

4. Food Deals & Discounts @kiasufoodies

Team from @kiasufoodies bringing us the best deals in singapore that you can’t miss.

Join here.

5. Weekend Plans @sgweekend

Head aching from thinking of what to do on this small island? @sgweekend brings you the latest event that you can join in singapore!

Join here.

6. Cab Promo Codes @sgcabcodes

Creating a hole in your pocket due to cab fares? Save up more with @sgcabcodes!

Join here.

7. Student Deals @sgstudentpromos

I understand the struggles of having to juggle with your finances while you’re out having fun, but @sgstudentpromos helps to search for the best value-for-money deals to help students.

Join here.

8. Cosmetics & Fashion Deals @budgetbabes

Get the latest deals and promotions on cosmetics & fashion here @budgetbabes!

Join here.

9. Internships @sginternships

Thought that it's a hassle to find jobs from different platforms? Skip that and follow @sginternships, providing you the latest job recruitment for internships.

Join here.

10. Part-time Job @sgparttimers

Looking to earn some pocket money during the school breaks? @sgparttimers uploads the best jobs you could look for in singapore!

Join here.

11. Parenting-related @sgparenthings

Obtain the latest updated places to bring your kids to! And promotions for parents!

Join here.

12. Health & Fitness @sgfitnesshealths

@sgfitnesshealth provides you with the latest promotions on the on-going fitness class and the best fitness-related deals.

Join here.

13. New Movies & Show Release @sgnewmovies

Skip the hassle of searching for the latest and “worth watching” movies/shows. @sgnewmovies provides the top movies/shows to watch together with the summary of it.

Join here.

Hoping that these few telegram groups can help to ease your life better in 2021! Comment down in the section below if you have other telegram groups that are worth joining!




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