MACQUEZA REVIEW: A Coffee Lover's Smile Lab Journey to Whiter Teeth

If there’s one thing I can’t live without it’d be coffee.

Even against the face of a dauntingly cold morning, a simple whiff of that deliciously roasted blend is more than enough to revitalise my tiring eyes and cease the onslaught of relentless yawns from inhibiting my day–it truly is a wonderful sentiment that cannot be given rightful justice through the use of mere words.

However, it is an unfortunate ground rule that with this great addiction, comes a great deal of–yellowing teeth. 

(That’s right, with all the various reasons that can be attributed as a cause for discoloured teeth, one hazard all dentists stand by is the dietary dangers within our everyday lifestyles: acidic food items, tobacco, and of course…coffee.) (not necessary part, can delete)

I will be the first to admit–white teeth is not something I would ever use to describe myself personally. Despite my routine habit of brushing three times a day and ensuring a rather healthy relationship with my dentist, my reliance on this beverage has left a stain on my record (I really hope the joke landed).

And while the obvious solution to this issue would be to simply reduce such consumption, I’m sure many of my fellow coffee drinkers would well understand: not drinking coffee is just not an option

Bearing that thought, I was led into the community of Smile Lab, and my journey into its superior smile care.  

Teeth whitening is not a foreign concept to me–however, that is not to say by any means I have found a product that grew on me (and my teeth). This commitment has always been hard for me to maintain, due to several reasons: whether it’s because of a lack of results, or a fear for possible side effects that would definitely not be ideal for my rather sensitive teeth.

That is, before I discovered Smile Lab.


Smile Lab is one of the world’s most trusted cosmetics and oral care brand, specialising in the creation of teeth whitening tools that are specially formulated by professional dentists to realise a healthy, effective and sustainable solution. 

Furthermore, with the influx of reviews only continuing to fuel ideas of a “fast result process with superb cleaning and no sensitivity issues”, you can see why I’d be incentivised to dip my toes inside the water of teeth whitening just once more.

Given my beginner status in this type of experience, I decided to commence my journey with one of their signature products: the Smile Lab Advanced Signature Teeth Whitening Strips, which appeared to be the best choice for improving the overall condition of my dental care and allow me to confirm the verdict of this brand for myself. 


One thing to note is that this product entails a 7-14 day day treatment time, though it is recommended to complete the full 14 days to observe the maximum effect of purchasing this product. Another thing is that I am not a patient person by any means–but in order to preserve my precious coffee breaks everyday, I decided to commit to a trial run of 7 days first.

Using advanced methods including the incorporation of a natural ingredient known as Liquid Enamel™ that allows the teeth to not only appear cleaner and whiter, but also healthier, these strips have been awarded for the Editor’s Choice and Reader’s Choice for Best Treatment for Teeth Whitening in the Daily Vanity Beauty Awards (DVBA) for their all-in-one gentle smile care treatment. 


Smile Lab Review, teeth whitening strips showcasing product, recommendations for daily routine

Upon opening the boxed packaging, I was able to very easily locate the product’s user guide on the back of each individually wrapped packet, which contains one treatment with two strips for your upper and lower set of teeth respectively, and found the listed instructions just as effortless to follow. These strips each contain a thin and natural layer of gel responsible for brightening your smile, and is enamel safe and peroxide-free.

With the trusting and sturdy help of my bathroom mirror, I first began applying the longer strip to the area of my upper front teeth, aligning the centre of the strip accordingly, before proceeding to do the same for the smaller strip to my lower set of teeth. Finally after waiting 30 minutes, I was able to remove them and enjoy the effects. 

Smile Lab Review, teeth whitening strips showcasing product, recommendations for daily routine


To be perfectly honest, I was worried of being met with disappointment–afterall, these strips aren’t magical, and my teeth are not either, but what they are is incredibly sensitive. The previous few times I had a brief brush with such products, I was left with rather sharp nerve pains that did not last as briefly.

However, placing the strips on my teeth, I was almost shocked that I felt practically nothing. The strips provided a snug and comfortable fit on my teeth, with a naturally pleasant yet mild flavour that made the experience more enjoyable.


I wanted to appoint the aspect of sensitivity as the priority within my review on the first day, so I actually did not wear the first packet of strips for the fully recommended 30 minutes, but was still amazed at the results I was able to achieve from a mere 25:


Smile Lab Review, teeth whitening strips showcasing product, recommendations for daily routine, before after results


Smile Lab Review, teeth whitening strips showcasing product, recommendations for daily routine, before after results

I was genuinely surprised at the sheer difference made with just one treatment, and had not realised just how yellow teeth were up until that point; this observation was truly what propelled and motivated me to continue with treatment program, and I diligently followed this regime for the minimum 7 days I had first promised to fulfil:

Smile Lab Review, teeth whitening strips showcasing product, recommendations for daily routine, before after results

However, despite how much whiter my teeth had already gotten, I noticed throughout the period of 7 days that they could still, in fact, still shine even brighter. There was also no note of sensitivity concerns arising, and I completed the full 30 minutes for the other 6 days with rather relaxed ease, since I was still very much free to do as I wished for that period of time, and the application of these strips did not constrict me in any way. 


I’d always sort of resigned to the fate I would never be able to own pearly whites of my own, simply comforting myself with a freshly-brewed cup of coffee; however, Smile Lab’s Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips, I have definitely felt my confidence grow by miles, and find myself smiling widely more so than ever before. As someone who very much empathises with the difficulties of possessing sensitive and not-so-white teeth, I can sincerely and whole-heartedly say that it is definitely worth the purchase, and I can now very happily enjoy any drink I want, while continuing to treat my teeth with these strips for another 7 days! 

I stand corrected; these strips might just be magical.

If you want to go the extra mile like me, I also did pair these treatment strips with the Advanced Teeth Purifying Toothpaste counterpart. 

Smile Lab Review, teeth whitening toothpaste showcasing product, recommendations for daily routine

Smile Lab Review, teeth whitening toothpaste showcasing product, recommendations for daily routine

With an adorably pink and smooth formula that is also equipped with superior cleaning properties, I did notice a significant difference in how much cleaner my teeth felt and appeared after use as compared to my old toothpaste brand; furthermore, my breath felt fresher, allowing me to feel more confident and prepared.

As such, I would like to dedicate a smile just for Smile Lab: thank you!!



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