Essential Tips to Achieve the Viral Douyin Makeup Look

“Douyin” makeup–very much like its name, this particular style encompasses the makeup looks populating the pages of the chinese social media Douyin (抖音) app. But, even though we know its origin, what exactly is the Douyin makeup style, and how do you achieve it?

Amassing global attention from the magical illusion of a younger-looking and flawlessly innocent appearance it is able to create, this trend has transferred its viral popularity over to other social media platforms like its international counterpart TikTok and everyone’s classic feed, being particularly favoured among the demographic of young women and teens. 

However, sometimes you simply do not have the time to carefully craft that beautiful doll-like look–so instead, we’ll break down the key points of this viral trend so you will be able to easily adopt these techniques for yourself, along with some tips on how you can truly achieve that perfect glowing skin and soft doe eyes!


Viral douyin makeup style recommended tips for achieving daily makeup routine, closeup of beautiful douyin girl

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We’re stepping in right in with the most important part of this beauty look: the eyes.It goes without saying that one of the essential points of this step would be eyeliner, or more specifically–the placement of this product around your eyes.

You might have noticed your TikTok’s For You Page that a certain technique is used to not only emphasise certain parts of your own unique eye shape, but to also enlarge the very size of these features.

To achieve this effect, you may first choose to pursue a straighter line for a more natural and cute appearance, or go all out with that sassiness with a heightened and raised line to create a cat-like look; these two choices are equally popular within the realm of Douyin makeup professional, and really depends on the sole factors of your own preferred fashion.

Next is the part you really have to take note of: using a more natural shade of brown eyeliner, extend the inner corners of your eyes with a sharp line to appoint the illusion of a wider and bigger eye frame.

Of course, this will require a great deal of precision, so we recommend using a product with an easy and smooth application, like the Giverny Milchak Pen Eyeliner, yet is able to provide highly pigmented and defined lines without any worry of smudging.


Viral douyin makeup style recommended tips for achieving daily makeup routine, closeup of douyin girl spiky dolly lashes

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Another trend receiving particular love from the Douyin crowd is the addition of dreamy, dolly-like lashes that catch your eye.

This distinct style of “spiky” lashes has also been observed within the overall look of our favourite K-pop idols like WONYOUNG from IVE, with seemingly sparse yet thick eyelashes that are longest in the middle of the eye length.

To adopt this process into your routine, you’ll need a voluminous mascara, and a pair of tweezers if you don’t want smudged fingers that will stain your outfit. A good choice of mascara that would be ideal to use in this step would be the Giverny Milchak Longlash & Curl Mascara; with its curved wand design, it will be that much easier to elongate your lashes efficiently yet effectively, and is especially suitable for those with lashes on the shorter side.

Focusing your application through the tip of the macara applicator, lightly coat your eyelashes with product. Next, use the tweezer to (carefully) pull and stick your lashes into separate sections together.

The exact same operation can be done for your lower lashes, except we have to remind you: please be careful!



Viral douyin makeup style recommended tips for achieving daily makeup routine, how to do douyin blush hack tutorial cute innocent

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If the douyin makeup trend has been on your for you page long enough, you’d know that the unique sunkissed glow cannot be created with the mere blending of a natural skin base.

It’s amazing just how much bright, rosy cheeks can elevate your makeup look–especially when placed under the areas of your eyes. Through this technique, the impression of a naturally flushed face created from the effects of the sun can be created, conveying a fresh image that will make you seem irresistible.

This will also offer the added benefit of enhancing your facial features by bringing attention to specific areas in which the blush is placed, such as on the tip of your nose and high points of your cheek bones for a naturally lifted effect of the face.

For this step, it is more ideal to choose a cream-based product, as this will not only allow a more flexible application, but can also be blended more easily into your overall makeup look. This also allows you to make more use of your lipstick shades, if you’re not in possession of a blush that you are suited towards!

In fact, lipsticks of a luminous formula like Propa Beauty’s diverse selection of shades would make an excellent cream blush, and can lock in extra hydration that can enhance the glow on your skin.



Viral douyin makeup style recommended tips for achieving daily makeup routine, how to achieve douyin lips tutorial hack beautiful innocent cute lump lips


Now, you won’t have finished your makeup look until you’ve applied some lipstick–but, have you ever really applied lipstick the Douyin way?

One particular Douyin trend we’re sure you’ve seen go around is the “Lip Hack” tip that will bring the plumpness of your lips to another level. Now, there are a few steps involved, but we’ll walk you through it.

This process begins simple, with the intentional overlinning of your upper lip that would place it within the region of your cupid’s bow, as well a small overline on the area just below your bottom lip. While this might cause your makeup to appear slightly goofy for a moment, a simple solution would be to blend this out with the tips of your fingers.

Now you’ll need two lipstick shades: one lighter, and one darker. Giving your lips a natural definition through the use of the lighter and softer shade, such as a light coral shade, the darker tint should then be applied within the inner parts of your lips in the middle. Finally, with an effortless and uncomplicated blend of these two colours, this will create a harmonious and unique gradient that will make you want to kiss your own reflection in the mirror!

Don’t worry–we did say Propa Beauty had a diverse collection of colours, and we meant every word of it!


Viral douyin makeup style recommended tips for achieving daily makeup routine, how to achieve douyin flawless dewy skin tutorial

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Finally (and pun extremely not intended), the foundation of this look is made up of a glowing and dewy complexion that is accompanied with a smooth skin effect, which can be easier to achieve than initially thought.

To ensure the attainment of that shining effect, it is crucial to note that you MUST moisturise before beginning your base makeup. By doing so, this not only prevents your skin texture from looking flaky or uneven, but also helps to combat the possibility of skin dullness that could ruin your the breathtaking illusion of radiant skin. 

As such, the simple addition of a nourishing face cream like Joone’s Perfect Moisturising Face Cream into your routine will not only prep your skin for a smoother and more efficient application, but will also refresh your skin to produce a natural glow signature to the Douyin makeup look.

If you have skin that is on the oilier side, it also helps to employ a finishing powder product like the Giverny Milchak Sebum Filter Powder Pact that is able to remove any excess sebum or oil from the skin surface for a flawless finish, and ensure the maintenance of a smooth and matte appearance throughout the day. 










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