MACQUEZA Review: Giverny Milchak Mascara Series

Macqueza just launched Giverny’s brand new mascara series! This series has a total of 4 different formulas; Fixing, Sensitive, Volumizing & Longlash.

Giverny Milchak Fixing Mascara

A long-lasting mascara that will last up to 50 hours. Formula will adhere seamlessly to your lashes without any clumping making it ideal for layering & fixing on top of your favourite mascara. Suitable for those who want long-lasting curled lashes all day. Water, oil & sweat resistant. Available in 01 Black.

Giverny Milchak Sensitive Mascara

An ultira-slim mascara that will help you get natural & chic lashes with this 2.5MM fibre brush that will brush your lashes from its roots. Lightweight formula that will help your lashes to stay curled all day. Suitable for those who love the no make-up make-up look. Water, sweat & sebum resistant. Available in 01 Black.

Giverny Milchak Volume Mascara

Zigzag plumping brush will create more volumising, three-dimensional lashes that will stay perfect and curled all day long. Suitable for those who want voluminous eyelashes with lightweight formula. Water, sweat & sebum resistant. Available in 01 Black.

Giverny Milchak Longlash Mascara

Curved wand helps to elongate lashes more effectively while the fibre brush helps to fan out lashes & layer lashes with dual fiber. Suitable for those who have short lashes. Water, sweat & sebum resistant. Available in 01 Black.

Now onto the review!

Let’s start with Giverny Milchak Fixing Mascara!


This Mascara give my lashes a base coat. It comes with a curved wand. I usually paired it with Giverny Milchak Longlash Mascara or other kinds of mascara that I have! It helps my lashes to stay and holds its shape for the entire day without smudging. I really like this mascara and will always use it whenever I need to stay out for longer time.

Next up is Giverny Milchak Longlash Mascara!

What caught my attention was the gradient packaging, it’s so pretty! The Mascara has a curved wand, that makes it easier to used and layer my lashes. The kind of wand I personally prefer and the formula is great. I usually apply the mascara on my upper and lower lashes, to give my lashes a “doll” effect.  It does give me long lashes like it claimed without smudging! I really like it as an everyday mascara.

Next, we have Giverny Milchak Sensitive Mascara!

This is basically a new, improved version of their previous series which is the Giverny Sensitive Brush Mascara. Since I used both, I can tell you that this version is definitely better. My lashes are weak so when the formula is too heavy, it will droop down. The current formula is just right for my lashes!

Unlike the previous mascara, this one doesn’t make my lashes droop and it’s very natural. I received a lot of compliments from my friends. Also! This one doesn’t clump or smudge AT ALL.

Lastly, it’s Giverny Milchak Volume Mascara!

I normally wouldn’t use volumizing mascara because the wands are too thick and typically, not that suitable for my eye shape. But this volumizing mascara wand size just right for my eye shape which I love! But this formula is a tad bit heavier than the sensitive one which makes my lashes droop. What I love about this is that it doesn’t smudge even if it droops which a lot of my mascara does.

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That brings us to the end of this review and I will see you next week!



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