MACQUEZA REVIEW: Sugar:reve Be the Perfect Matt Lip

Today I’ll be doing another review that fuels my lipstick addiction, I’ll be reviewing Sugar:reve Be the Perfect Matt Lip! Technically, this is a liquid lip but I don’t discriminate. I love everything lips.

Out of all the liquid lips that I’ve tried, this is the most lightweight out of all of them. And I’ve tried a lot of liquid lips. Even among my liquid lips from Korean brands, this is the most lightweight.

Although this entire range comes in only 5 shades, there is one for everyone! The colour range consist of nude-y coral, brick red, fuchsia pink, chili red and dark red. I would say that out of 5, 4 would definitely makes its way into my ever-growing collection. (sorry fuchsia pink hehe)

Let’s get into each shade!

01 BE MY BABY is a calm yet versatile coral MLBB shade made perfectly for the cute girl-next-door. Known for its versatility, it’s suitable for everyday wear.

02 BY MY ANGEL is a romantic MLBB rose shade made for the season of love. The perfect pink-ish nude. Can be applied alone or paired with 04 Fiesta Lyon or 05 Maple Loire for a gradient look.

03 BE MY LOVE is a pink hue that looks like flowers blooming in spring. Brighten up your day and your face with this glamorous and sophisticated fuchsia pink 

04 BE MY GIRL is a shade that’ll keep your date on their toes with this mesmerising orange-red. This hot orange-red with a hint of chilli red is perfect for a first-date look. 

05 BE MY DEVIL is made for the modern women, this mature and luring red chilli shade is commanding yet subtle. A toned-down red chilli shade suitable for any occasions.

My favourite shade is 02 BY MY ANGEL and 04 BE MY GIRL! The colours is very similar to the colour in the bottle.



When you first apply this liquid lip, it has the finish of a semi-matte liquid lip but after it dries and settles on your lips, it dries down to a complete matte finish.

Although I have to say that I really hate the smell of this, it smells like candy and also kind of taste like candy (not the good kind).

The scent is strong when you first apply the liquid lip but it will eventually fade off so it doesn’t really bother me after 5 minutes of applying.

Combining it’s lightweight formula and colour payoff, it doesn’t look weird when you reapply, it doesn’t clump up like some liquid lip! You don’t have to wipe it all off either.

I can’t wait for circuit breaker to end so I can start wearing these out!

That’s all for this week, I’ll see you next week!



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