MACQUEZA Guide: Choosing Your Ideal Brow Shape

The shape of your brows is more important than you think it is, it frames your face and the correct brow shape can change how you look.


The right brow shape can make your face look more balanced and harmonious. Before we go into the details, the most important thing you should know is your face shape.


There are 6 different types of face shapes:

  1. Oval face shape
    1. Forehead is wider compared to the chin
    2. Prominent cheekbones
  2. Round face shape
    1. Width and length of face is almost the same
    2. Widest at cheeks
  3. Long face shape
    1. Narrow oval chin
    2. Forehead, cheekbones, jawline are all about the same width
  4. Square face shape
    1. Forehead, cheekbones, jawline are all about the same width
    2. Squared jawline is the most prominent feature
  5. Heart face shape
    1. Similar to oval face shape but the chin is pointier
  6. Diamond face shape
    1. The least common face shape
    2. Face is highly angular
    3. Forehead is short and wide at temples


Once you know your exact face shape, we can go into the details!

There are a lot of different shape you can go for but in general, here are 5 that are used the most.

  1. Soft angled arch
  2. Rounded
  3. Straight
  4. Hard angled arch
  5. S-shaped

Now let’s start with the finding your ideal brow shape!

If you have a long face shape, your ideal brow shape would be straight! The goal of having a straight brow is to make your face look rounder and shorter in length. Avoid having arch brows as it will only make your face longer.

If you have a round face shape, your ideal brow shape is the opposite of those who have a long face shape! So, to make your face look longer, you can create high angled arch brows.

Alternatively, you can opt for a soft angled arch if you prefer! Avoid round brow shape at all cost because it just makes your face rounder!

If you have oval face shape, going for a soft angled arch suits your face the most! Having a slight arch will add more dimension to your face. Avoid having dramatic brow shape since it will only cause your face to look even sharper.

If you have a square face shape, adopting a soft look like round brows or soft angled arch to make it look less squarish and longer. But be careful of making your brows too thin or too thick. Having a soft look will also tone down your most prominent feature aka your square jaw!

If you have a heart-shaped face, you would also want to soften your entire face just like those with a square face shape! If you have a long heart-shaped face, adopt a low arch round brow. For those with a short heart-shaped face, adopt a round brow with sharp, high arch.

If you have a diamond face shape, the most ideal brow shape for you is s-shaped. This will ensure that your face will look lifted and will shorten your face.


That brings me to the end of this guide!

See you next week!




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