Nora on entrepreneurship: “I started my first venture when I was 14.” 

As a female-driven team, Macqueza has always looked for new ways to empowered women. Hence, we are starting this new series to inspire future generations in hopes that they’ll chase after their dreams. 

Previously, we sat down for an interview with two influencer-moms who told us their motherhood journey. This week, we wish to shine light on female entrepreneurs and their passion. 

From starting her business to the challenges met along the way, let’s delve into Nora’s journey as an entrepreneur. 

If you have to introduce yourself to a stranger, how would you describe yourself?

I’m a second year business student in NUS specialising in Accounting and Finance as well as the Founder of Minimal Concepts , Co-Founder of SANBOX and Canvass Concepts.

What or who was your inspiration behind starting your business? 

My inspiration would probably be my parents. Growing up, I was always intrigued by how my parents would come up with new business ideas in our hometown, Indonesia.  I was exposed to the potential pros and cons of running my own start-up when I saw how their business when through thick and thin. Despite that, it still pushed me to start my first venture when I was 14 in the blogshop scene.

What made you take the first step?

Back in secondary school, most of my friends would take up part-time jobs during the long December holidays. However, my parents never allowed me to take up part-time jobs. I’ve always wanted to experience the joy of working hard for my own money, hence, I started my first venture selling apparels online.

What are some of the challenges you faced as a female founder?

As female founders, I believe most of us strive to prove to others that we could certainly do what man can do, or even better. Sometimes I find myself working on my business hours on end with so little sleep, trying to perfect or improve my business and disregarding my own mental health.

As a university student with so many businesses, how do you balance between these two?

I admit it's really tough to put aside your passion for your studies but I always remind myself that as of now, I'm still a student and my studies is my top priority.

A defining moment for you as a female founder?

When I made my first three figure donation when I ran the #BlueforSudan fundraising and raised $617 in less than two weeks!

What are your goals for 2020?

My goals for 2020 is to finally launch my next venture, Canvass Concepts, which I have been working on with my peers. It will be focusing on helping others to start their journey in entrepreneurship! I also hope to run more fundraising during this trying time and help the people around me with my start-ups.

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