MACQUEZA Guide: Are You Applying Hand Sanitizer the Correct Way?

Hand sanitizers only work when you apply it the right way, just like there’s a right way to wash your hands. Since circuit breaker is coming to an end soon, we thought that there is no better timing to post this.

Hand sanitizers have become a must-have item in our bag due to the situation happening around the world. So, here are some steps you have to take when using your hand sanitizer!

Step 1: Make sure your hands/ fingers are free of accessories such as rings to make sure it’ll remove all the germs on your hands!

Step 2: The amount used should be about the size of a 20-cent coin.

Step 3: Rub your hands gently together to spread the sanitizer. Take extra care to make sure your surfaces are covered! Including fingertips and nails. Similar to washing hands, you have to extend the covered area up to 2 inches above your wrist.

Step 4: Go back and forth while rubbing for about 30 seconds or just sing the birthday song. Your hands need time to absorb the product and you have to give time for the sanitizer to work its magic.

Step 5: Make sure your hands are dry before touching anything else! If it’s still wet, air-dry it till its dry. (This is important! When your hands are dry, it means that the hand sanitizer is fully absorbed.)

After reading this, do you know if you are applying hand sanitizer the right way? 👀

See you next week! Stay safe!





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