Review: Smile Lab FLASH Whitening Strips

Teeth whitening has always seemed so foreign to me. I have heard stories of teeth whitening procedures being so painful that you cannot eat properly for the day, or that it causes long-term teeth sensitivity. I have always wanted to have whiter teeth but never stepped out of my comfort zone to try it out.

Until I chanced upon these Smile Lab FLASH Whitening Strips that claims to be an instant fix for whiter teeth in 15 minutes:

It is a simple teeth whitening kit for use at home.

I was skeptical at first - how could it be 100% safe for your teeth? What if I make my teeth weaker after using them?

I read that Smile Lab FLASH Whitening Strips cause no sensitivity issues and are made with ingredients that actually make your teeth stronger.

From the product description:

"Liquid Enamel™

Hydroxyapatite remineralises teeth. A natural ingredient that strengthens the enamel, making it less translucent. Teeth appear more solid, dense and white. Hydroxyapatite remineralises teeth better than fluoride and is non-toxic."

Having not much done to my teeth before, I was excited to try out this cool product. It also promises white teeth in 15 minutes, perfect for when you want whiter teeth quickly. I was sold. 

My teeth before:

The inner strips were slightly sticky, that's probably the gel that whitens the teeth.

It was so easy to put on - I was done putting it on my upper and lower teeth in 1 minute.

It felt funny having something inside my mouth, almost like having braces. I could still talk and move my mouth around with the strips on though.

I started the timer for 15 minutes and went about my day before my dinner date.

I removed the strip afterwards and lightly gargled my mouth with water to get the remaining gel off my teeth.

I was anticipating seeing the results after seeing so many reviews raving about this product.

Look at my teeth now:

At a glance, my teeth are visibly whiter. Comparing the two, I definitely see the difference! 

I will definitely use these whitening strips again when I'm going out to take my passport photo. 


These whitening strips are $49.90 for 10 strips for your upper and lower teeth - that's about $5 for one use.

To me, that is worth it considering the whitening effect it has on my teeth. I really can't wait to use it again.

If you are interested in trying the strips, check them out on and look out for discounts to get them on sale.

What other products do you want me to try next? Let me know in the comments and I will see you next time!

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