10 Beauty Mistakes I Learn By 21

I learn my lesson with these 10 beauty mistakes. I started getting interested in makeup when I was 15 years old but my mom wasn’t into makeup so I had very limited makeup products to play with. I still had fun though! 

I still remember my first makeup product: an eyebrow pencil. There were definitely some unflattering pictures out there. But that’s what makes looking back at pictures more fun right?

Here are my 10 mistakes: 

  1. Wear sunscreen daily 
    1. Protecting your skin against the harmful UV rays is soooooo important. Don’t let laziness be in the way of you having a flawless skin. 
  2. Don’t sleep with makeup on
    1. It’s a bad habit we are all guilty of on super rough days which is why I have makeup wipes just in case. 
  3. Cleanse your face everyday 
    1. I started developing a habit to double cleanse even when I are just wearing sunblock.
  4. Sometimes, more is more 
    1. On days that you don’t feel confident, pile on that makeup & make a new mask for yourself. Fake it till you make it. 😉
  5. But, less can be more
    1. The secret to concealing texturized skin is not more foundation. In this very special case, less is definitely more. This actually gives your skin a chance to breathe. 
  6. Your neck is important too 
    1. Don’t neglect your neck! I like to apply leftover essence from my face mask onto my neck. 
  7. Red lipstick is the cure to everything 
    1. On days that you don’t feel like yourself, on days that you don’t want to go to work. Red lipstick will fix it all for you. 
  8. Wash your brushes
    1. I can’t emphasise this enough. If you are waiting for a sign, this is it! Invest in one now, your skin will thank you. 
  9. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! 
    1. I can’t say enough about moisturising. If you are just getting into skincare, it’s is definitely one of the products you should look into first. A mositurise skin makes all the difference! 
  10. Good lighting is always key
    1. Doing your makeup when there is direct, good lighting is always good. It helps you to see if you didn’t 

That’s it! The 10 beauty mistakes I learn by 21. I’m definitely still learning. What are some of the beauty mistakes that you made? 

Till next time,


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