5 Christmas Eye Look

Since the people around us can only see our eyes this christmas due to the masks why not elevate our eye makeup with these looks!! 

1. Candy cane

Credits: @pinterest

A perfect simple candy cane inspired eye makeup to add that festive touch


2. Frosty 

Credits: @TopInspired 

This frosty eye makeup gives that cold and the magical vibe.


3. Snow flakes

credits : @LuvlyLongLocks

For those who prefers a darker eyeshadow, you could try this look with a few additional snowflakes.


4. Christmas lights 

Credits: @Newyearlights.com

You could create the christmas lights inspired eye look to give off that fun cutesy and joyful vibe.


5. Santa

Credits: @ammarflvia

Another cute and simple santa inspired eye makeup to that festive touch.

Would you consider trying these eye makeup? Which one was your favourite eye look?



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