Why Wearing Sunscreen is Important

1. It Prevents Premature Aging of the Skin

UV rays from the sun cause photoaging which results in the change of tone and discoloration. Furthermore, it also causes the breakdown of collagen and connective tissues causing lines, wrinkles and sagging skin.

2. It helps to maintain an Even Skin Tone

Uneven skin just makes you look dull and tired so with sunscreen you’ll be able to prevent discolouration, dark spots and sun damage.

3. Limit the Appearance of Sunspots

Sunspots can appear when exposed to the sun's UV rays. A production of melanin increases in your skin after being exposed to the sun which gives you that skin color, but after a period of time, some areas on the skin may develop a mass of melanin in a certain area resulting in sun spots. They are basically flat areas of discoloured skin.

If you want to appear youthful looking start applying your sunscreen now!

You could try the Acwell UV Cut Cool Down SunBlock

Credits: 유니가르엠

I’ve been using this sunblock and it doesn’t leave a white cast, nor is it tacky furthermore it is moisturizing!

This sunblock is a moisturizing double blocking UV blocking sunscreen that leaves a cooling sensation which is great for the hot and humid singapore weather. It is hypoallergenic tested. Suitable for all skin types.



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