Basic Skincare Routine For Oily Skin

Finding the right skincare routine for oily skin might not be easy, with all the trial and errors of trying out different products. Oily skin tends to feel really greasy and appears to have larger visible pores compared to the rest. If you’re living in a country that is hot and humid, your skin tends to produce more oil causing your face to be greasy that might lead to the clogging of excess oil and sebum. To help control your skin’s oil level, it is really important to find a product that will help to control and balance your skin’s moisture level.

Step 1: Cleanser

A good bubble-free pH balancing cleanser could help you to restore balance on your skin while also being able to cleanse excess dirt and sebum on your skin. You may ask why a bubble-free cleanser when you think it is better to use any other bubble cleanser just because it feels cleaner with no more oil left on your skin. I would like to say that it is just removing all the natural oil on your skin and that might cause an increased production of oil.

The Acwell Bubble Free pH Balancing Cleanser is a lightweight gel cleanser that contains calming properties for sensitive skin and it also includes licorice extract to brighten your skin and lighten your acne scars. This cleanser also does not strip away all of the natural oil on your skin but it corrects your skin’s moisture level while controlling the production of oil.


The skin definitely does feel cleansed but moisturised at the same time. You could also see the effect of brightening on my skin. Left hand is the one with the applied product.

Step 2: Toner

When picking up a toner, you’ll need to know that most toner contains a high percentage of alcohol that could irritate the sensitive skin while drying it out. Choosing a pH-balanced toner could help you to skip the problem of abrasive irritation and help you to cleanse of any excess dirt or sebum. 

Acwell Aquaseal Soothing Tonic contains a pH level of 5.5 helping you to smoothen, calm and to correct your skin’s moisture level. It also includes anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties to help increase skin’s barrier. 




It feels really refreshing on the skin. You could see the slight difference in redness. Where the one with the applied product looks less red as compared to the other hand. Left hand is the one with the applied product.

Step 3: Moisturiser 

Moisturiser is normally our last step of the routine and also one of the most important steps to have. Most people assume that with oily skin it is okay to not use moisturiser since moisturiser is only to help you gain moisture, that is a myth! People with oily skin should find an oil-free moisture that can help to control and balance the oil level of your skin.

Acwell Real Aqua Balancing Cream holds a pH level of 5.0 - 7.0 is the ideal level for skin to maintain its barrier. It is a fast absorbent hydrating elastic gel  It is formulated with EWG Green leveled ingredients and brussels sprouts from Jeju island to calm sensitive skin. It is tested and proven to reduce redness by 36.86% and to prevent moisture loss by 37.33%.


You could see that the skin tone on the left hand side is more balanced.Left hand is the one with the applied product.

I hope that this will be able help you to give an idea of what will be suitable for your oily skin and this acwell is really worth the shot to try!



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