DEBUNKING skincare "hacks" on TikTok: Should you try them?

The image and pursuit of ‘natural beauty’ has only continued to be further perpetuated, with particular emphasis placed on the very foundation in which this concept is built upon: skincare.

We will be the first to admit–a good old life hack is always welcome, and if that concerns treating pesky skin problems like getting rid of that one persistently obvious pimple on your nose, we’re all ears. And with the exponential growth of social media usage, virtually anyone has the capabilities to contribute towards this ongoing discussion, and that comes with its own set of advantages, and not so ideal ones.

This can be found in the examples of TikTok’s massively popular “skincare tiktok”, in which the hashtag #skincarehacks is trending with an abundance of creators sharing their own personal tips and tricks for achieving healthy and clear skin, and they seem ingenious. However, the question still remains: do they really work?

Before you start to open your fridge to try some recommended ‘DIY’ remedies for yourself, here are some hacks you should probably avoid, for the sake of your skin; we’re begging.

1. DIY ‘lemon juice’ masks 

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Among the thousands (and we mean, thousands) of skincare hacks, DIY masks appear to dominate the scene. Afterall, they’re convenient, accessible, you could probably find these ingredients just by paying a visit to your kitchen and end up with a leisurely pamper session to catch up on some much deserved time for yourself! How much damage could a mask made out of fully natural ingredients do, anyway?

Contrary to popular belief, lemon isn’t good for your skin–when it’s getting a little too close for comfort. The direct application of lemon juice in its natural form could instead serve as a detrimental hindrance to the natural barrier of your skin that are meant to protect these sensitive areas from harmful impurities such as bacteria responsible for causing acne.

And if the thought of being unjustly attacked by pimples won’t stop you, usage of any substance containing citrus fruit could result in phytophotodermatitis when exposed to sunlight–in other words, some rather painful consequences of inflammation that would prompt symptoms of burning, redness or even blisters.  

2. ‘Short-term’ Botox

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We very much understand the appeal of the name, but here’s why you probably shouldn’t try putting egg white on your face, EVER.

Egg whites are undeniably more affordable than skin serums specifically designed for anti-ageing effects, and while it remains true that this remedy is capable of temporarily tightening and plumping skin surfaces to resemble the desired effects of botox, it might cost more than you think;

Naturally, no one bearing allergies towards substances containing egg content should ever try this. But, did you know that even those without any allergies can be similarly affected as well?

While the common usage of eggs cultivate an assumption that these food items are a safe bet to trust, virtually any natural substance is capable of triggering a skin irritation. As such, this would invite the potential of itching, redness or bumps on the applied area after using this remedy, which we’re sure is not really the outcome you intended.

Furthermore, this process is actually causing more damage to your skin, due to the extremely drying nature of the egg white substance being used that is responsible for ‘tightening’ your skin. 

In other words, it’s a no from us–and have you ever thought about the possibility of a salmonella infection?


3. Water Cleansing Hack


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Yes, this hack is exactly as straightforward as its name–the verdict, however, is not so simple.

This is due to the intention of this hack: by passing over the cleansing step of your usual skincare routine in the morning and solely relying on the use of water cleansing, this action focuses on preserving and maintaining moisture levels of the skin.

In other words, this hack is rather effective–for those with dry or dehydrated skin, and is quite effective in preventing further damage of the already sensitive skin barrier. However, for our dear friends with an oily complexion, or a rather complicated mix of both, we don’t suggest this solution, as the sole reliance on water may not be enough to clear out excess sebum produced on your facial skin surface during the night, which may potentially invite the growth of acne concerns.

However, that is not to say there are no other ways to protect your skin, like searching for a cleanser reflecting gentler levels of pH that might be more suited towards your skin’s condition!


4. Baking Soda Face Mask Hack

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Why would you use a household cleaning agent to exfoliate your face? We promise we won’t judge–but maybe we’d ask you to put the box down, and keep away from it.

While this product is a natural exfoliant with several benefits that would encourage you to subscribe to its popular usage, its ability to assist in the control of natural oils and improve overall skin condition only stands when it is carefully formulated into a skincare product.

This is because when applied directly to the delicate and sensitive surface of our skin, the alkaline composition and antimicrobial properties that prompt individuals to swear by this product could work a little too well.

Due to the nature in which baking soda operates, over-exfoliation is definitely a potential cause for concern. While initial usage of this life hack may immediately produce satisfying results of smooth and clear skin, the strong disruption to your skin’s pH levels would eventually lead to a more sensitive and irritable skin texture, as well as stimulate the growth of breakouts. And lastly, to return once more to our main point–why would you use a household cleaning agent to exfoliate your face?

Unfortunately, it’s going to be a no from us. 


5. Blackhead removal using vaseline and saran wrap

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Blackheads have always been the enemy of the skincare industry, and this problem actually puts the innovation of beauty lovers to the test: did you know these pesky bumps can be removed with only vaseline and saran wrap? Spoiler alert: it actually doesn’t work out too well.

While a commendable and rather novel attempt, this method does not truly liberate your nose from the presence of blackheads and sebum, and could instead cause the opposite effect of clogging up your pores; the substance of petroleum jelly found within the composition of vaseline only serves to act as a barricade, and when placed against clogged pores, worsens their existing condition to achieve unproductive results.

Furthermore, the addition of saran wrap is guilty of suffocating pores of the skin, and can be attributed to any emerging rashes or skin irritation that might surface after.

While we appreciate the effort, further analysis of this solution might not be so effective, so we’d advise against it. 





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