HOW TO: A Step-By-Step Guide On Avoiding That Cakey Makeup Look

While holding a passing resemblance to that one pastry dessert no one has ever claimed to hate, we’re sure the term “cakey makeup” incites a rather different sentiment to the ears, especially among our fellow beauty gurus out there. 

This is because, as we’re sure many of you know, this expression represents something far more sinister than a delicious baked treat, and is reserved for occasions in which the effect of finished makeup is perceived as much too blotched, uneven and thicker than desired. In other words–a slight beauty mishap.

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Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered.

Follow along in our step-by-step guide of avoiding having to pull that cakey makeup look off all day:


Step 1: How Can I Avoid Cakey Makeup?

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To completely evade the future in which you stare into the mirror and gasp at the state of what your foundation has become, this is truly a step in the right direction–and it may even be the only step, with the right effort and dedication being put into practice!

Prep your skin.

While this might raise the concern that only more products are being added to your already lengthy makeup routine, we have some news that might soothe you–and your skin: preparing your skin is the very foundation of creating that radiant makeup look you’re after. Well-prepared and cleansed skin not only offers a smoother and more receptive base to absorb your makeup formula, but also assists in retaining the effect and quality of your makeup look.

Furthermore, this process can be specially tailored just to fit your skin type and regulate its engagement with applied makeup products, and prevents the appearance of textured skin from hindering your overall makeup look. 

However, we do have to be truthful, for this does sound a little too good to be true; the side effects of this practice involve…subjecting your skin condition to attain a natural and healthy glow. Now, we didn’t prepare you for that. 

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If you have oily skin, and you’re not quite sure where to begin, you’re in luck! Check out our Basic Skincare Routine For Oily Skin.


Step 2: Why Is My Makeup So Cakey?

Many appear to attribute the consequence of cakey makeup to the faults of a third-degree foundation, or simply too much of it; but, what if we told you there might be more reasons hiding under the surface…of your skin? Sometimes, rather than it being a bad product, it might simply be the wrong product for your skin type, or routine.

With your skin carrying such a huge role in determining the outcome of the final makeup look, it is essential to not only prepare for its treatment towards makeup application, but to similarly understand its unique condition in order to choose a more appropriate and suitable formula. By wearing the correct foundation formula, this could also benefit in a longer retention of your makeup, along with a more natural and flawless display. 

We understand that this can be easier said than applied (we hope you got the joke), so here are some guiding questions to assist you along the way. 

  • Does your formula suit your usual lifestyle routine?

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By selecting a foundation that complements your existing routine and daily practices, this will allow your makeup look to last longer throughout the day, and reduce the impression of a patchy skin texture that might ruin its intended effect.

  • Is the formula too thick and heavy?

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Another detail to greatly consider should be assigned to the consistency of the respective formula used, and its subsequent influence on your skin. While it is not to say by any means that we are denouncing full-coverage products, it might be beneficial to opt for a lighter alternative once in a while, especially if you find your skin needs a little breather in the sun. There’s always time for sunscreen though. 

  • Are you using too much product?


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Don’t worry, we are not referring to your dark past in middle school; while this point might seem like common sense, it’s actually more of a common mistake than you would expect.

According to expert assessment, the action of applying too much product can be associated as the most common cause of a patchy and textured makeup look, or in other words–cakey makeup.

As such, we suggest starting with just a few drops around the centre of your face before building up coverage as you wish from there; this will prevent the mistake of administering foundation around your face instead, and also minimises undesirable product movement into other areas like your hair.


Step 3: How To Fix Cakey Makeup?

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Still, we understand: sometimes you can spend hours on your makeup, and go through all the right steps–until you’re just about to leave with one last quick checkup…and discover those dreaded cracks you swore weren’t there earlier! But don;t worry, we’ve got you there too. Remember, we’re here to help, step by step!

First, we’d like you to take a deep breath: while cakey makeup is the result we’re trying to prevent, it’s not something we can’t fix. 

The key to fixing cakey makeup is identifying and treating the culprit, which is more often than not either dry spots on the skin surface, or oil buildup plaguing the area of your T-zone. And while that may not appear as easy as it sounds, here’s some remedies that will take literally 5 minutes:

  • Blend, Blend, Blend

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To prevent an overly thick base, a popular practice approved by makeup gurus involve the use of a beauty sponge, but damp. Groundbreaking, right?

As compared to a makeup brush, the moist layer of a regular beauty sponge can do wonders in diluting and softening the coating of excess product, allowing easier movement for removal or redirection towards other areas that might appear to need it more. This also provides a hydrating agent for the skin to better absorb this formula to create a smooth and flaky-free zone!

  • Spray, Spray, Spray

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Sometimes, all you need is a refreshing mist of facial spray to give your makeup the natural touchup it needs, giving your skin more abilities to absorb the foundation formula and reducing the possibility of your makeup look drying out within the next few hours.

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The Acwell Licorice pH Balancing Essence Face Mist is a wonderful exemplar of this method, working to soothe inflammation and rebalance within the skin barrier to create a more hydrated and clear surface. 

  • Set, Set, Set

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With gentle motions, apply a light layer of setting powder within the areas of your under eye and over the surface of your face, using a tapered powder brush to remove any excess product you might not need. 

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A lovely solution to help with this method is the Giverny Milchak Sebum Filter Powder Pact, which additionally helps with sebum control, keeping your skin smooth and matte throughout the day. 








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