4 Easy Steps To A More Aesthetically-pleasing Makeup Collection

It’s 9 A.M–you’re already running late, but have somehow managed to squeeze in just enough time for a quick shower, with a few minutes left to spare for working that magic brush…and as you come face-to-face with the untamed mountain of makeup and beauty products that dominate over your dressing table, you wonder just how you will find that one eyebrow pencil you actually use on time.

Trust us, we've all been there; afterall, who could afford to miss out on trying the Giverny Milchak Longlash & Curl Mascara ? We certainly wouldn’t want you to. And yet, as the beauty industry continues to grow, our makeup drawers and table seem to do the exact opposite—was it ever so small?

However, while these spaces may sadly never magically expand into twice its original size, we’d love to share some organising tips that may just be as convenient–and enjoyable to the eye. 

1. Create a throwaway account...and delete it this time

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Yes, we’re referring to that one concealer stick you haven’t looked at in 10 years, but has still somehow retained its relevance in your makeup collection.

It’s frighteningly easy to look over expired cases of products that are also nearly finished and think, ‘just in case I might use it next time’, as you slide it back in your makeup pouch for its fifth consecutive year in service. But, will there really be a next time you decide to salvage that one shade of spilled eyeshadow that you don’t even wear anymore?

Before initiating the actual organisation of your items, use this chance as a good opportunity to evaluate the current state of your entire makeup collection, and assess its overall functionality: is its usage no longer safe for your skin to endure? Or perhaps, this stick of concealer is simply not for you.

We understand it might be hard to declutter your treasured collection due to a number of reasons, be it the nostalgia factor or simply not knowing what to do with it after–but stay strong, and remind yourself once more: are you really going to use this ever again?

Furthermore, we have some news that might offer more incentive to do so: as a general rule, makeup products that have been opened should not be kept for more than 6-12 months, particularly if they are liquid-based. This is because old product formula is an ideal ground for harbouring germs, which can lead to a nasty breakout, or even a longer-lasting infection.

With this first step, your makeup workspace will already appear much neater, with more space to welcome new products you’ll definitely appreciate more–and let’s not forget avoiding that infection.

2. Arrange Makeup…With A Practical Concept

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Now that you’ve successfully curated the contents of your collection, we can move on to the next phase: organising your makeup, which brings you one more step closer to being greeted with an aesthetic set up for your morning routine.

However, many fail to take into account a particularly important aspect when hoping to achieve pleasing aesthetics; rather than prioritising the decorative detail, it might prove effective to instead direct this process with a pragmatic mind.

Consider the products that form your usual routine–what do you find yourself reaching for almost everyday? By categorising your makeup according to its functionality, this could create an enhanced organisation that is not only visually pleasing, but also operative and easier to maintain in the long run. 

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Any small bag or tray can be used to keep these daily items in a place that is much more convenient to find and reach, like the GLOV Skin Awakening Set exclusive mesh cosmetic bag specially designed into a travel size. You can place it on your table surface or beside your vanity mirror, but either way you can’t deny the pop of colour it gives the whole place!

3. You're not in this alone…employ some organisational helpers

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Yes, it’s time to give in to the temptation. 

Don’t worry, though, while you’ll probably never be able to escape from these iconic organisers hogging the pages of all your social media, it is worth the assigned hype.

Despite its extremely simple design, no one can deny the strange allure these acrylic containers possess, or the overall elegance they would undoubtedly bring to the literal table (we hope you got that joke) with just its presence.

And let’s not forget the importance of quick and easy access to your products when you’re rushing off to be somewhere and have no time to play hide-and-seek with that one specific highlighter palette; these storage units are actually rather practical, allowing you to not only fully maximise your limited space by stacking them on top of each other, but also enabling a full bird’s eye view to your entire makeup collection!

And, it doesn’t hurt that they go well with everything–afterall, what doesn’t match transparent?

However, we haven’t forgotten about drawer users–and while that may mean your makeup collection won’t be as visible, we strongly believe in your equal right to be able to appreciate the satisfaction of an aesthetic makeup collection!

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Customisable dividers are considered an equivalent contender in the matter of keeping everything organised and separated; this will prevent your item from spilling out back onto the countertop, and isn’t the minimalistic look rather trendy these days?

They’re extremely easy to procure as well, whether through physical stores such as IKEA outlets, or simply ordering through Shopee listings such as Drawer dividers freely organized | Shopee Singapore.

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If you’re still worried about your massive collection overflowing out and your drawers have thicker pockets, you might even be able to sneak in a few organisers on top of each other to build your makeup products their very own multi-storey apartment! We told you they’re super functional.

4. You’ve succeeded! Now do it all over again

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We promised you this would be easy, and we hoped to deliver; now, it’s time for your promise: maintaining the beautiful sight you’ve created for yourself.

We understand it’s just as easy to lose control of your makeup control, and before you know it the same 2,000 puzzle of products is appearing on your table counter once more. But, by simply repeating the first step of this guide every once in awhile, you’ll be able to prevent this entire disaster from happening.

And, if you happen to need some motivation and encouragement for doing so…scroll back up to the top. 



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