MACQUEZA Guide: Dealing with Mask Acne

Wearing mask is our new normal and the latest beauty troubles is: Mask Acne or #Maskne.

Acne usually develops when pores get clogged by oil, dead skin cells, makeup, dirt, or bacteria. This can lead to blackheads, whiteheads, or pimples that can vary in size and type, depending on how infected they get.

The most important step to have when dealing with maskne is making sure that you have a basic skincare routine such as cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing.

If you only have mild acne, look for benzolyl peroxide and salicylic acid in skincare ingredients. Benzolyl peroxide will help you to kill the bacteria inside your acnes and salicylic acid will help you to exfoliate that will help you to unclogged pores.

Here are a few ways you can prevent maskne other than having a skincare routine:

  1. Choose a cloth mask that will help your skin to breathe.
    1. Opting for cotton/ silk fabric mask that are reusable also helps the environment!
  2. Wash your mask!
    1. Washing your face may be important but so is washing your mask. Your mask traps all the bacteria that accumulates throughout which is what eventually leads to acne.
    2. The best way is to wash it every day instead of just leaving it under the sun or airing it. This method isn’t the most effective way to remove the bacteria, in fact, it may only be another way for bacteria to breed. s
  3. Make sure your skin is well moisturized!
    1. When your skin is _____ in mask all day, the best thing to do is to make sure that its well moisturized.
    2. Bonus: use a moisturizer with sunscreen!

That are some of the ways to prevent maskne! Personally, I have been trying to not use any foundation after having one or two maskne from wearing it along with long hours of mask. It’s safe to say that I have learnt my lesson.

Did you suffer from maskne during this pandemic? Let us know how you deal with it in the comment section down below.

I’ll see you next week~



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