MACQUEZA GUIDE: How to Keep Yourself Entertained While Social Distancing

Staying at home all day and watch netflix sounds ideal until you realized this can go on for months. (It sounds ideal for the homebodys at least.)

But here is a list of things you can actually do once you run out of things to watch on netflix!

  1. Start binging on your Netflix list
    1. There is a social pressure of you having to come out of your house a month later with a new hobby or a new skill but it doesn’t have to be so complicated. For some of you, this can be a breather period and what better way to start than on Netflix?!
  2. Facetime your friends
    1. Humans are born to be social animals and it can be lonely if you go weeks without any social interaction. Hit your friends up during this period! They most likely feel lonely too.
  3. Brush up on your makeup skills
    1. This is for the ladies who can’t just lie in bed and watch Netflix all day long. Use this time and brush up on your makeup skills! What better time to perfect your post-quarantine celebratory makeup look?!
  4. Learn Tik-Tok dances…
    1. You read that right. I said learn tik-tok dances. A lot of my friends have succumbed to it and there are sooooo many tik-tok videos on my socials. So, if you really, really, really are desperate, go learn a dance. It’ll keep you entertained.
  5. Work-out
    1. It has been scientifically proven that working out makes us happier and you know what, if you are bored (don’t you feel that you are always eating?!) and feeling somewhat depressed, working out is your best bet.

P/s: The easiest way to maintain your sanity throughout this period of social distancing is to change your mindset. The only reason why we are begging to go out is because we all think that we are being confined in our homes. But keeping yourself safe means keeping your family safe!

Let’s all work together to flatten the curve and we can all go out earlier!

I hope this guide has helped you a little with finding the perfect balance. 

Till next time,


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