Michelle Hon on motherhood: “It’s a constant learning journey, just wing it the best you can!”

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As a Mother’s Day special, we are releasing a series on their journey of motherhood. This is the first part of a two-part series.

For our first part of our series, we are honored to be partnering with Michelle Hon 

Michelle Hon, or you may know her as @thechillmom on Instagram, is a woman who has many roles. She is not only a mom but also an entrepreneur, author, daughter, wife and sister.

As an entrepreneur, she founded Mom Boss Academy as a platform to help moms become businesswoman. Her source of inspiration behind starting Mom Boss Academy is a story that is heartwarming & heart wrenching at the same time.

(image credit to thechillmom)


Her main source of inspiration was her mom, who was a smart & hardworking stay-at-home mom. Despite that, they still struggled financially without any financial independence. Before she got her chance to realized her dreams, Michelle’s mom passed away at a young age of 34 years old.

This led her to creating a platform that helps more moms have the best of both worlds: motherhood & career.

As a mom to 2 daughters, she wants her kids to have more options in the future. For women, there is always an unspoken choice to be made when they get married and have kids. Do you want your career or do you want your kids?

To that, Michelle said both.

Michelle wishes that they could have a third option that her mom (and many women) couldn’t have: both. “Because I want us, the women of our generation to be the role model for our daughters,” she said, “we will show them it’s possible.”

Many of you may know (and admired) Michelle for the career she created for herself while managing motherhood like a piece of cake. But just like many first-time moms, the idea of bringing a child into this world can be pretty daunting and scary.

With the internet flooded with literally thousands of guides and books of telling you what you should do & when you should do it, it can be pretty confusing.

When asked about a piece of advice she wishes she had before entering motherhood, she said she wishes someone told her that motherhood is a constant learning journey.

“No parent is 100% sure of what they are doing. Just wing it the best you can!” is what Michelle said when asked about a piece of advice she wish someone had told her before she had a firstborn.  

Handling 1 kid can be tough on its own and when Michelle is asked about her tip to handling 3, she answered straightforwardly: “I have a helper.”

Unfortunately, there is still a stigma on moms who ask for help. But the reality is, they are learning as they go as well.

“I don’t think women should be ashamed to admit they get & need help around the house. That’s the only way we can get so many things done, without sacrificing our own needs & sanity.”


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As an independent woman, Michelle believes in nurturing positive traits in her children from a young age. “I believe in fostering independence in them since they are young. They play well by themselves & with each other,” she continued with, “they only come to me when they can’t solve something on their own.”

With all the hats she wore, one can only wonder about her secret on having a healthy work-life balance.

Her secret? Being happy! To her, her idea of a work-life balance doesn’t necessarily have to be 50/50. If you are happy, it’s a good balance!

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